ME/CFS and Getting the Most from Complementary and Alternative Medicine

Disappointed by the conventional medical profession many people with ME/CFS turn to complementary and alternative medicine (CAM), often with the hope of finding a complete cure. People who have the money often spend thousands chasing the elusive cure jumping from one promise to another, perhaps just about receiving enough benefit to keep hope alive. Others … Read more

More Breathing and Meditation for ME/CFS: ‘The Complete Breath’ and ‘The Collecting Mental Energy Visualisation’

  The complete breath is a more advanced technique based on deep breathing and should not be attempted until you are comfortable with the deep breathing practise.  I first learned this practise at T’ai Chi classes where it was called 3 compartment breathing and later discovered the overlap with yogic breathing. The complete breath is … Read more

Deep Breathing and Blue Sky Meditation for ME/CFS

Here are another couple of breathing and meditation practices taken from my book. Deep breathing is the foundation stone for relaxation and can be a very useful skill to employ at times of stress and anxiety. It is also the basis for more complex breathing exercises such at the complete breath and rhythmic breathing which … Read more

ME/CFS: How Acceptance and Hope Coexist

Following on from last week’s theme of acceptance I want to explore the concept of hope. I believe that it is possible to reach an acceptance of a long term debilitating illness whilst retaining hope that one day your health and quality of life will improve significantly. Hope and acceptance are not mutually exclusive. In … Read more

Basic Meditation Practices for ME/CFS:Alternative Nostril Breathing and So Hum Meditation

Following on from my post about the benefits of mediation I’d like to share with you the basics of my meditation practice. I always start with a breathing exercise called ‘alternative nostril breathing’ to help settle me down ready for the meditation proper In a comfortable straight backed position (lying or sitting) use your right … Read more