7 Tips for a Cosy, Comforting, Happy, Hibernation

This article was originally written for ProHealth and first appeared on their website in November 2021. Many people find winter a dark and miserable time, a time where motivation wanes and it seems harder to attack life in the same way, harder to enjoy. Sometimes, we can also feel a hard to pinpoint sadness, perhaps … Read more

FREE Winter Events!

When you have a chronic illness this time of year can be full of challenges and hardship. There’s more contact with people who don’t understand what you’re living through, more pressure to push past what’s healthy for you, and more to miss out on. In case you don’t know me, my name is Julie, and … Read more

The Art of Resting

This is the original version of a post I wrote especially for the ProHealth website and first appeared there  on 12/09/21. When you have a chronic illness like ME/CFS, long COVID, Fibromyalgia or Lyme disease, resting becomes a very big part of your life. Before I got ill, I didn’t even understand the word rest. … Read more

5 Keys to Being Well with ME/CFS

When you have a chronic illness, wellness means something altogether different than when you live with health. A chronic illness doesn’t go away, especially one where medical research is underfunded and there are no effective treatments. However, I have learned how to be well most of the time with ME/CFS. I don’t always succeed, and … Read more