Take back control from chronic illness and create a life that you love!

Julie HolidayWhen I first got sick with ME/CFS I was devastated and confused. The illness robbed me of a fulfilling active life, left me unable to contribute or take part in anything that used to make me happy. I felt I had lost my whole identity. What’s more I got no help whatsoever from my doctors…..

…… But then I learned how to manage the illness well, I learned the importance of relaxed effortlessness, I realised I was still me even if I couldn’t express myself in the same way and I learned new ways of being happy….

…. I got really good at taking care of myself and after 5 years  I fully recovered!

Although I have since been stricken with the condition again, I have created a life that I love, and I want that for you too! I believe it’s possible for you and I know I can help you get there!


You can start the ball rolling today! Act now and book a Half Price 45 minute strategy session HERE!

During this powerful one to one session we’ll work together to……

  • Create a compelling vision for the ideal life you’d be living once you master illness management and a relaxed, effortless, joyful way of being.
  • Uncover hidden challenges that might be sabotaging your current efforts to live the happiest, healthiest life possible.
  • Make sure you leave this session renewed and inspired to overcome the challenges of your illness and live a happy and meaningful life.

Each week I keep 2 slots available to offer as strategy sessions. Although I try to offer flexibility of timing, once these two sessions are booked I’ll clear my calendar so book now to avoid missing out!


And with my free report you don’t even have to wait for your strategy session to make some powerful changes!


5 Secrets to a Great Life Despite Chronic Illness

In these four pages I have compiled the top 5 things that have helped me enjoy a happy and fulfilling life day after day, despite my condition; things that I’ve seen work wonders with others too.

These surprising secrets could help you make the changes that have up until now, seemed out of reach.

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Here’s what Lisa had to say about her strategy session:

“After my strategy session with Julie I’m very much looking forward to ongoing coaching. I was hoping this session would give me tools and strategies I can use to move from intellectually knowing what I could do, to *actually* doing it! And I wasn’t disappointed. Since this one session I have already felt more inclined to give myself permission to be more compassionate towards myself. The best thing about this session was knowing that Julie understood my health situation experientially, not just intellectually; that she spoke with an appreciation of the impact of ME/CFS and that her approach was calm, centred and friendly. I found Julie very easy to talk to. Not something that happens very often!”

Lisa U.K. 

You can hear more from people who have worked with me on my testimonials page.