About the FREE Challenge: Boost your Belief, Maximise your Motivation

'I joined this challenge because I was experiencing an m.e. set back and it seemed like the perfect opportunity to refocus on my health.

I’ve enjoyed this week. It didn’t take me where I expected. I expected to develop my motivation to be more functional. Instead I’ve found that I need to work on mental peace to heal, before I develop anything else.

I think what I gained was a fresh perspective on my approach to my self-care. I will try to be more chilled and take small moments to work on being more peaceful.' Laura

'I decided to join this challenge knowing my belief in healing completely after 10 years is shaky and thinking that right now my acceptance of the way it is and finding peace in that is more important. I wanted to see if I had that right or needed to change tack and I know that Julie always provides great learning opportunities whatever the topic.

I expected to be told I should drop the peace in the moment and focus on a healed and ‘back to normal’ future. Instead I discovered great evidence that I can answer my own questions and trust the answers for my next steps. I got to spend time focused on myself and listening to my body and I discovered how to let go of striving and disbelief and peacefully and easily find my next step.' Lorraine

'I have gained some valuable insights from the 5 days and it has been an interesting and worthwhile exercise.' Angela

September 1, 2018

Acceptance, Hope and Trust Workshop

It had empowering moments: Rating: 5 stars

Much of what was covered I've dealt with since 2008, but it re-enforced that I am stuck at the hopelessness/acceptance stage due to my one issue; which is holding me back. During the meditative portion I was able to envision solutions to that dilemma... So over all, the material is spot on, the presenter is kind with a pleasant voice and presentation. For newbies wanting some guidance in living with chronic pain I would recommend this workshop. However, us "veterans" could use the reminders offered up as well.

Julie is confident, knows her materials and works great under pressure - trolls attacked her broadcast and she dealt with them without missing a beat. Still, she offers guidance/solutions for those chronic sufferers who want a life in spite of their disease/illness.

Pamela, Fennville, MI United States.

Acceptance, Hope and Trust: Rating: 5 stars

Julie explains things so that you are able to see things with new eyes. Her compassion and knowledge make you feel empowered and optimistic.

For so many of us, we are isolated and misunderstood with our illness. She makes you feel less alone and has a wealth of tools in her tool box to give you new skills to help you live a better life.

Sharon, Arroyo GrandeCA US.

May 23, 2018

About the 8 Steps Group Coaching Program

'……I have seen some amazing changes in these past few months and I believe it’s not only from my Lyme treatment but also from my change of thinking and accepting. I have accepted and released (for the most part) the anger I was experiencing for all that I felt I had lost...I still feel sadness for the loss but it’s not all consuming as the anger was. I have learned to appreciate the “little things” I was overlooking. Yes I may not be able to run or even hike our beautiful mountain trails, for the time being, but I have now found ways to enjoy the essence of those trails.

For years with my illness undiagnosed I pushed myself to the limits wondering why my tests all came back “normal” when I was feeling anything but. I pushed to the point of complete exhaustion and even with my diagnosis in September 2016 and a treatment plan in place I still pushed myself even against my practitioner’s orders. I didn’t know how not to. In the last six months I reduced my work hours even more to three days a week, I have learned to rest when I need it and no longer deny myself that little luxury (I more often than not take a quick noon nap on my work days). I have come to respect my limits and not feel guilty for them, I pace myself most of the time...yes I still over do it once in a while but for something I really enjoy like time with my family not my job. I have enjoyed the meditation and the calmness it brings to me and I know I will continue to do so….

….As I write this I am really realizing the difference as a whole that this course has had on my life and my healing. I sincerely thank you from the bottom of my heart Julie. I have always believed that things/people come into our lives when we need them most and this is so true with you. I was desperate to find a way to heal not just physically but spiritually and emotionally and I didn’t know where to turn and one day there you were on my Facebook feed and what a great day that was!....

....So thank you once again for what you do and the loving, nurturing and caring way you do it. And I wish this all back to you tenfold.

With much love,'

Leslie December 2, 2017

About the 8 Steps Group Coaching Program

Before this program I lacked knowledge and understanding of ways to help myself manage my illness on a daily basis and needed guidance to help me do this.  I also felt that I was on my own dealing with this and lacked the connection with others who are also going through similar experience to myself.

I am really pleased I did the programme and would recommend it to anyone else to do it. I have gained more confidence in knowing that there are ways to handle the complexities of the illness in a healthy helpful way for myself and I feel less alone in doing it. I particularly enjoyed the learning and interacting with others.

Julie gave clear understanding to explain things and good perspectives to learn and take away.

If you’re thinking about it: Definitely do this programme - It has essential advice and guidance for a better way forward.

Caroline England November 27, 2017

About the 8 Steps Group Coaching Program

Before I took this program, I had been bouncing from doctor to doctor looking for help and answers to my illness.  After years of searching, I was very discouraged.  I had been unable to find anything or anyone that would give me a sense of having any control over the whims of the illness.

My expectations at the beginning of the program were to gain more information about chronic illness.  I really had no idea how much I was going to learn!

I now have the resources and skills to deal with all of the many stages and ups and downs of chronic illness.  Most importantly, I have found the strength to set my boundaries and advocate for my self-care.

The best part of the coaching program was having the opportunity to discuss challenges, to have Julie’s guidance and to have the support of the group.  The coaching sessions were an excellent companion to the teaching part of the course.  They not only benefit the person being coached, but the group members as well.  I found the coaching sessions really helped to bring a real world feel to the course, everyone was able to support each other and everyone was extremely compassionate.  I always felt better after coaching and had a sense of connection and positive direction.

Julie has been an outstanding teacher, compassionate listener and enthusiastic supporter.  Her experience with chronic illness and the tremendous amount of work she has put into research and understanding chronic illness gives her an authentic voice.

I would recommend this program to anyone that is struggling with chronic illness, particularly someone who feels isolated and has not found support.  The course is organized well and the pace is flexible. For anyone looking for help, this is the outstanding program you need!

Dorian Bainbridge, USA. November 27, 2017

About Individual Coaching

I started coaching hoping to feel more hopeful and to have a more balanced sense of how to be with my fluctuating energy while bringing down the amount of shame I was feeling for "not getting much done". The coaching sessions more than met my expectations. I have a much better sense of how to work with my energy and how to value what I am able to accomplish each day.  I've also been able to replace some of the shame I had been feeling with compassion and gratitude.

Since our sessions together, I have found myself making more space for rest and valuing that as essential to healing.  As I have done that, I find that I come back from crashing more quickly or avoid a crash altogether.  Because I am allowing that rest more fully, I relax more when I choose it.  All that energy I used fighting rest is now going towards healing, and that is wonderful.

Coaching with Julie has brought me from feeling overwhelmed and often hopeless to feeling empowered within my chronic illness. I have learned a healthier way to live, I have greater acceptance of the challenges faced in this illness, and I have new hope that I can progress towards making a full and visible life for myself.

Julie’s compassionate support and the knowledge she holds from her lived experience with ME/CFS has made all the difference.  Her kindness is a huge gift.

Hollin New Mexico July 20, 2017

About the 8 Steps Group Coaching Program

Before I took this program, my life could be messy because of the ups and downs and it could be emotionally challenging, because of the lack of projects or my perspective of "what if it doesn't change" and "what if I can get better". I signed up hoping that I could get a little better if I have a vision that helps me enjoy life more and put steps into place.

I now feel more joy and more harmony in my inner life. I feel more at peace with my here and now. I feel nurtured and revitalized by my vision and this helps greatly. I also feel more like I am ‘the captain of my spaceship’ 😉

I enjoyed the connection with the group, this helped me to process/understand/embrace things at the emotional level, and also it gave me a wider picture, what is also super helpful.

Julie is a good coach. She has articulate thoughts and offers sound advice from personal experience and the wider picture.  She has a good philosophy of life, incarnated in a way of being. I liked her smile, the pace, the quality and tone of her voice, the seriousness in the service, and at the same time the light heartedness, the time dedicated to meditation and the small rituals of collective celebration, and blessings. It was lush!

This program will open new windows in your head, and will give you springs to be more loving to your body and to yourself. You won't regret!

Céline Nandrin, Belgium May 18, 2017

About the Meditation, Mindfulness and Relaxation Foundation Course

'I worried when I signed up that I was wasting money, but that was not the case with Julie’s course. I would highly recommend that you give her course a try if you struggle with constant tension in your muscles.'

An excerpt from a blog that Kathy wrote about her experience of this course. Read it in full HERE.

Kathy U.S.A. May 18, 2017

About the 8 Steps Group Coaching Program

I enrolled on this program hoping to learn more about how I could live a better life and start on a recovery path, even with a long-term illness.I wanted to learn how to pace myself better and I wanted to have hope for my future. It more than met my expectations.

There was so much very practical advice in it that I could apply to my life right away.  I've finally been able to get out of the push-crash cycle that I've been in for years, I'm kinder to myself and valuing myself more and my small achievements, and I'm much better able to understand where I'm losing energy.  I've learned how to do things with relaxed effortlessness, and feel way more relaxed about life in general.

I feel that most days, I have more even energy throughout the day, instead of really crashing in the afternoon, and have less brain fog.  I'm really noticing and writing down my small achievements in the day and valuing what I can do.  I feel overall more relaxed in myself and feel better about myself.

I really enjoyed connecting with Julie and the others in the program!  It was so nice to be around people who understand exactly what you're going through and sharing our ups and downs.  I feel a deep connection with all of them because of this.

I love Julie as a coach because she is so empathetic and kind and understanding, and at the same time knows just what to say to encourage you along and gives you many insights about what might serve you better going forward.

If you’re considering this program: Don't even think about it another second, just sign up, you'll get so much out of it!  Julie and the information she shares is wonderful!

Sharon Albany, USA. May 2, 2017

About  Individual Coaching

'I am so glad I found Julie on the ProHealth site. I will be eternally grateful to Julie for her massive support at that time when I felt 'alone in the world'. I gained massive support (and confidence that I was not going mad) from speaking to Julie from the comfort of my own home.

Knowing that Julie completely understands every facet of living with ME/CFS (33yrs in my case) and also knows how to recover is very reassuring and I feel lucky I found her as a coach.

I am now giving myself more self-care. I’ve been feeling happy to live a quieter less rushed life. I’ve been feeling happy in my own space and have developed an attitude of relaxed effortlessness (I like that phrase!) to help maintain my body in a relaxed peaceful state to optimise healing. I’m feeling much more content to really try and stay within my energy envelope with 'just small steps to test the water' and then go with it.

I felt very comfortable to share my innermost thoughts and feelings with Julie. I like and trust her approach and believe we share similar views of living with ME/CFS and never giving up hope of some improved quality of life and recovery.

Julie is very eloquent and her style and ability to transcribe her deep understanding of ME/CFS into tangible bite size pieces of sound advice is just what I needed.

If you are considering coaching I would definitely recommend you contact Julie! Her style of coaching is commendable (especially considering she has limited energy herself). Her organisation and communication skills via email and Skype are excellent. Being able to perceive that Julie looks after herself inspires me with trust and confidence and helps me feel comfortable to make contact when I am in need of further support'

Fiona Altrincham April 11, 2017

About Coaching

Coaching has helped me to grow all round. I feel like it has really benefited me in a very positive way.

My relationships have improved massively because of the changes that I have made within myself and through the sessions with Julie. My sleep has improved, I used to get bouts of insomnia every month. I have had the best sleep over the last month than I've had all of 2016. I’ve also been able to go for regular walks. I feel happier! I haven't had any explosive arguments which I used to have regularly.  I am now able to step back and shift my perspective. Before, all of my energy was going into reacting to the things and people around me. Now that I am able to direct that energy elsewhere I have been able to truly start my recovery. I also have found it really helpful learning how to get into a relaxed effortless mode.

Julie really understood my situation more than any other councillor or coach has. I was able to really lay things out and be honest. Having her feedback showed me aspects that I couldn't see for myself.

Julie has a lot of insight and experience that goes beyond CFS. She is very open minded and insightful. You cannot go and expect Julie to fix everything, it is a 2-way process that involves both sides.  I always found I got the most out of a session when I was prepared and had done my homework. Julie has been a great support and mentor for me, I have no doubt in her ability to help anybody else.

Izzy Dublin March 2, 2017

About the 8 steps group coaching program

I highly recommend the new 8 step programme. I did the pilot group this summer... whilst lying down at home. It has helped me to regain control of what I Do Have Control OF.

I just wish to let everyone know as IT has been the Best Single Step I have taken since my Mindfulness Course...yrs ago. It has helped me see better in What is Serving me Well and given me the confidence I lacked in managing the different challenges (in fine detail) with excellent support and understanding from Julie and the Group.

Treasa Ireland December 8, 2016

About the Meditation and Mindfulness for Healing Course

Since taking this course my energy levels are generally running at a more constant level; my mood is brighter and I feel generally calmer.  I have now developed a daily practice. I have a larger pool of meditations to dip into and I am developing self-compassion.

Julie is warm and encouraging, with a great sense of optimism!

I think the course was well balanced and allowed for a variety of preferences when trying out new meditation skills. If you have enjoyed a basic starter course in meditation, you would benefit from the progression which this course offers.

Angela Barnstaple December 8, 2016

About the Meditation and Mindfulness for Healing Course

Meditation and mindfulness has been a vital part of managing my energy and this course has given me more skills to deepen that part of my journey. My awareness improves day by day. I much more easily notice times when I need to choose to take a moment and 'be'. It's just easier to slow down and know that that is the right thing to do.

If you are thinking about this course I'd say, it’s so worthwhile, you will gain so much and enjoy it.

The best thing about having Julie as a teacher was her ability to know when we struggled! Keeping us on track, gently!

Lorraine Exeter December 8, 2016

About the 8 steps group coaching program:

I believe I approached this course with a rational and positive attitude - I wasn't expecting a miracle cure, but I really was in need of something that would give me the tools, and hope, for a sense of well-being and joy in life. It’s definitely met my expectations.

My anxiety levels have decreased - replaced by an increasing sense of calmness; I feel more in control and less overwhelmed. I’m beginning to restore my confidence; I’ve made new friendships; I have more self-compassion and am developing awareness through new mindfulness skills.  I have a more positive outlook, an increasing sense of happiness and a feeling that I can slowly start to move forward.

I am really glad that I took part in this coaching programme. I haven't experienced coaching before, and I found it a useful process to undertake. I enjoyed the group aspect too - for both the social and support elements that it provided. I have looked forward to every online session.

Working with Julie was reassuring because she understands what it is like to live with energy limiting illness – an expert who is living through the experience. She is also friendly, warm, approachable, positive and has a non-judgemental can-do attitude.

If you’re considering this program, I’d say Just do it! In my experience this course is so superior to whatever the NHS currently has to offer.

Angela Barnstaple, UK September 23, 2016

About the 8 steps coaching program:

I thought the 8 steps group programme was excellent. It met all my expectations and more. I've learnt lots of ways to improve my self-care. Learning to keep within my energy envelope is probably the biggest and most significant part of looking after myself. I've learnt never to push or force only doing what my body is able to give me at any given time and to find a safe way to express emotions and allow them to flow. My favourite mantra when I'm worrying is ' it hasn't happened yet ', it's so incredibly calming. I'm now better equipped to deal with daily challenges and know I've always got a choice when making decisions and not to worry about what other people will think.

There hasn't been any part of the course that I haven't been able to relate to, which is a great testament in itself. The bond and support between all the group members has been wonderful and supportive.

I particularly liked taking part in the coaching sessions and supporting those that were also taking part. I've not had any coaching before and always wanted to try it. I thought this was a great opportunity to experience some sessions in a more affordable way. I found them really valuable in exploring areas where I had become stuck. There always seemed to be lots to learn both from listening and participating and we all could relate to each other's challenges too.

Julie has a genuine desire to help and empower everyone in obtaining a better quality of life, despite living with chronic illness herself. Julie is an inspiration and role model for anyone wanting to take back control of living with an energy limiting condition.

Jules Doncaster, UK. September 18, 2016

About the 8 steps group coaching program

This program more than met my expectations. I was hoping to learn some new strategies for coping with cfs and I wasn't disappointed.  It was also great to get together online with other like-minded people who always supported each other in a very helpful way. I particularly found the workbooks very useful and also the actual coaching sessions because even if someone else was being coached it was always relevant to my life.

The program has helped me learn to live life with a chronic illness using far less effort.  I feel more relaxed.  I do daily affirmations which I didn't do before starting the course and these have calmed me down and buoyed me up. I cry a lot less now and I am also worrying less about the outcome of any of my actions and trusting that things will turn out well. I am also learning to make my activities match my energy levels.

I found Julie to be straightforward and honest.  She is kind and compassionate but speaks plainly and gets to the nub of the problem in the coaching sessions very quickly.  She is also lots of fun and extremely supportive.

If you are considering this program, I’d say ‘don't hesitate as you won't regret it

Jane St Ives, UK. September 14, 2016

About the 8 steps group coaching program

I have had ME for 6 years now - although only diagnosed four years ago after being told I was depressed for two years. I have been on numerous courses supplied by the NHS and by ME and FMS specialist units, and have paid privately to see a counsellor, and read loads of books, but this course has been by far the most helpful of them all.
It covered the physical and cognitive aspects (such as pacing, lifestyle, sleep) in as much detail as any of the courses and books but was adaptable and could start at whatever level you were at.

The other courses I have been on mentioned spiritual and emotional issues but less emphasis was placed on these. Doing this course I realised that these are the parts of me that are not impaired by ME, (although they have been damaged and exhausted) and that I can make these parts better - not just to as good as they were before I had ME, but to focus on them develop them in a way I never had the chance to when my practical mind and body were in charge. I'm almost at the point now where I can say that despite the cognitive and physical restrictions of ME I am happier, more contented and appreciative person than I have ever been.

(for more about Rhoda's experience see the blog post what I got out of the 8 steps group coaching program)

Rhoda Wiltshire, UK. September 14, 2016

About Coaching

I was the very lucky person who entered Julie's ME/CFS awareness day competition and won. I had four weeks of coaching and enjoyed every session.  Julie was calm and reassuring and gently led me to find my own answers, as well as giving me some of her own suggestions, which was extremely helpful.

Julie helped me work out that I was my own worst enemy in the way I respond to my illness.  I realised that I didn't have to do things in a rush and that by slowing down I could do just as much as before.  She showed me how showing regular gratitude is a good way of feeling that life isn't quite as bleak as I thought.  She gave me practical advice on how to slow down and explained how effortlessness was more helpful.  At the end of each session I was given some homework to help me practice what we talked about during the week. I also found Julie's note taking extremely helpful.

I am now meditating 3 times a day and getting more quality rest.  I also feel happier in myself because I have been given the tools to cope when I am in a bad/sad place.

If you’re thinking about coaching I’d say ‘Don't hesitate!’  Julie is kind, positive, friendly and calm, and she knows what she's talking about because she has walked in our shoes and has managed to improve her own condition. She made me feel as though I was her only focus which was a comforting feeling.

Jane St Ives, U.K. June 22, 2016

About the Meditation, Mindfulness and Relaxation Course:

I signed up to this course hoping to learn how to be more present in everyday living and learn some techniques to enhance and prioritise quality rest and relaxation. I also wanted to learn how to meditate, as I'm quite a novice to this practice. I wanted to learn how to take a step back when I noticed I was getting stressed or feeling anxious. Ultimately, I was hoping to get a little bit of control over the self-management of living with a chronic illness. It exceeded all my expectations and more.

The course has helped to keep me more mentally grounded, avoid overthinking and manage my stress. It’s also influenced me in a more holistic way by encouraging me to take better care of myself generally.

When I began the course I was fully committed in trying new techniques, but I actually surprised myself that I completed all the daily meditations as I thought that would be the most challenging for me to keep up.

I've really enjoyed participating in the group, it's been a very positive and valuable experience. It's also given me the opportunity to meet others who face the same daily challenges that I do. It's been a pleasure offering and receiving support from everyone involved on the course.

Julie is a very genuine, warm and inspiring lady. She’s got a lovely personality and a calming, uplifting voice. I think she put everyone at ease and created an atmosphere that's safe, comfortable and equal. She’s very approachable and gave everyone the opportunity to interact, if and when they chose. I think she put an enormous amount of care, preparation and effort into the course material, which she passionately believes in and lives by.

This course offers a great opportunity to invest in yourself by learning about the health benefits of mindfulness, meditation and relaxation. It’s a very relaxed and informal way of learning new techniques and practices in an upbeat and fun atmosphere.

Julie UK May 19, 2016

About the Meditation, Mindfulness and Relaxation course:

I took this course looking for positivity; a way out of feeling so stuck; a different attitude towards my illness and increased confidence. It met all my expectations. I’m beginning to feel a bit clearer in my head, calmer and a bit more sociable and I’m feeling more positive about the future.  The breathing techniques and visualisations result in me feeling less tense and a bit more awake and alert and the mindfulness practice has helped me to notice my thoughts more.

The best part of the course has been how the social aspect has been great for my sense of isolation. I’ve also really enjoyed the daily meditation practice and there’s been plenty of helpful and practical advice.

If you’re considering taking this course I would say ‘Just do it!’ Julie is a calm and friendly teacher with a nurturing attitude.

Angela UK UK May 6, 2016

About the Meditation, Mindfulness and Relaxation Course:

I enjoyed Julies Online Course a lot.

Over the course of 4 weeks I could finally established a solid habit of daily meditation. Additional to the 8 LIVE-sessions with awareness practices and meditations, Julie provided us with a ‘21-days meditation starter kit’ which I loved using. It taught me different types of awareness practices and meditations, so I can now choose what kind of meditation would support my current mood or tasks on hand most and I now move through my days more aware, awake and peaceful.

So, if you feel like there is too much stuff going on in your head, stressing you out, like you ‘can’t make a pause’, rushing through your days with not actually ‘being here’– I highly recommend taking Julies Meditation Course.

Gesa Germany March 29, 2016

About the Meditation, Mindfulness and Relaxation course:

'Dear friend, take Julie's course. It's the best guided meditation course I've ever found. Ever. If you've thought you're a failure at meditating, like me, if you've tried all these methods and decided it's just something you can't do - take Julies course. Julie's exercises make it easy to start meditating immediately. Her methods are simple and straight-forward, and there's no woo-woo about it. She guides every meditation, so you only need to sit back and let her do the work. Julie is a wonderful teacher who pushes you so gently, you don't even notice she's pushing 🙂 I'm finally doing a regular practice of meditating every week, also without her guidance! I used to think I'd have to meditate every single day at least 15 minutes and more. It seemed an unachievable chore. My life has changed so much for the better with each step Julie has taught me in this course. I feel more energized and relaxed and more light-hearted. I highly recommend it to anyone who has considered meditating and is looking for a trust-worthy guide and teacher to start learning for good.

I especially appreciated Julie’s gentle, consistent reminders to be ever kind to ourselves, her kindness helped to engender my kindness within and I was able to develop a new sense of self-compassion. For someone as self-critical as me that is a huge achievement

Also since starting this course my hot flashes almost completely disappeared, this is an absolute first since my peri-menopause started 10 years ago. Nothing else I've tried helped. The few flashes I had during and since the course were so mild I hardly noticed them. This means that my sleep has greatly improved, as I don't wake up 2-3 times during the night anymore, and I feel replenished and fully energized during the day.'

Rebecca Switzerland December 3, 2015

About the Meditation, Mindfulness and Relaxation Course:

Since taking this course my headaches are less intense and frequent and when they do come I can accept, relax and recover more quickly and with less drug intervention. Also by using the relaxation recordings to get my body in a good place to sleep, my sleep is more settled, although not yet without meds.

I now have a daily meditation practice established and am able to be much more aware generally.  Being able to notice when I am not in the moment and always on auto pilot and in doing mode, means I can do something about it and slow myself down.

The best things about the course have been how much I have learned and enjoying being in the group, especially the chatting \ sharing achievements on the facebook page.

If you’re thinking about doing this course I’d say 'don’t miss the opportunity, it is really helpful and rewarding!'

Julie understands the challenges when living with limited energy and difficult pain levels and can adapt accordingly.  She was a calming presence in the group situation.

Lorraine UK November 17, 2015

About the Meditation, mindfulness and Relaxation Course:

Since taking this course I've been able to speak with more balanced temper when confronted with difficult emotional situations. I have been able to center myself in adverse moments. I feel more calm and peaceful, with a more mindful attitude.

The best part of the course has been the interaction between teacher and students, sharing real life challenges and solutions and creating a lovely lovable space. I liked having Julie as a teacher because of her voice, her compassion, her knowledge and her peaceful persona.

I would highly recommend taking this course. Four weeks fly by, and the bi-weekly practices, lessons or appointments are something you will be looking for, since you will be noticing benefits from day one

Ana Spain November 17, 2015

About the Meditation, Mindfulness and Relaxation Course:

Now the meditation helps me to wind down, however stressed I am. The deep breathing seems to be helping my digestion and because of the mindful walking exercise I go outside more and I really like it. Another practise I learnt helps me to connect to our shared universal connection.

The best thing about the course was it got me meditating again! I was so demotivated before. I love being able to do something that has an immediate positive effect on my energy levels.

For anybody who is hesitant about taking this course I would say "If this course sounds like something that appeals to you, please try it out, it is fun to work with a supportive group and Julie is a great, warmth bringing teacher.  The material and website used for the seminar are of great quality, and the interaction on the Facebook page is fun!"

Julie is a very approachable, uplifted and non-judgmental teacher. She isn’t too high up in the clouds when it comes to spirituality, which makes the material more accessible.  I liked how everything felt very open, like 'just see what it does', nothing too strict or forced. Her guidance was easy to follow.

Al Ma Holland November 1, 2015

About Coaching
Julie was there to gently listen and create a safe and focused space for me, when undefined pain and fears came up more and more often. From there she guided me to the roots of my challenges. She helped me to uncover underlying patterns and habits from the past which are not serving me anymore and gave me guidance how to become aware and finally work with them in the here and now.
Whenever my thoughts and feelings wandered astray she asked the right questions to get me focused again and when I consciously or unconsciously wanted to avoid clarity she would - gently but firmly - guide me to a place where I could opened my eyes and mind to the truth.
Through working with Julie on a weekly basis I made tremendous steps towards clarity, self awareness and trust in my strengths and intuition. Her coaching allowed me to develop further than I could have alone in a shorter period of time than I had imagined.
I am thankful that I met her and that she accompanied me on my life journey when I needed guidance and encouragement.

Gesa Berlin August 19, 2015

About Coaching

As a result of coaching I now have more confidence, acceptance  and a more methodical approach to gauging activity and building a 'Recovery Protocol'.

Julie provides a unique service: a person with in depth knowledge and experience of the core nature of ME.  The coaching is highly sensitive to my needs, beliefs and desires and is conducted professionally, gently, while reaching into the core areas that require to be explored. What I really like about it, is knowing I have a knowledgeable, empathetic person to whom I can turn to seek advice, ideas, support and encouragement.

Since starting coaching the frequency, intensity and duration of the acute episodes I suffer has diminished and my overall ability to function has improved. I have a greater tolerance of reverses in my health and I have confidence that I will continue to improve and to maintain that improvement. Managing ME is tough, having Julie in my corner is priceless. Knowing that someone believes that I have the skills to recover my health is immensely helpful.

If you are considering coaching with Julie I would say: if you can afford it, DO IT!!!! There is no downside.

Mary Glasgow, Scotland July 11, 2015

About Coaching

If you are considering coaching with Julie I would say absolutely do it!  This is one of the most beneficial things I have done for my health!

I am amazed at how coaching has shifted many patterns for me. I had been stuck in a cycle of feeling like I needed to be working on my life's purpose, but that I was too sick to do very much. One session broke me out of that cycle and lifted a lot of weight off of my shoulders. Several additional sessions opened my eyes to how I was treating myself. I was not taking very good care of my energy. I now feel like I have a good plan for caring for myself and implementing small steps towards my self-care goals.

When I started coaching I was looking for reassurance, clarity and support and I got a lot more. The best part of coaching has been the support and how revolutionary it has been for my mindset! I plan to continue coaching over the next few months so I can receive ongoing support.

Vanessa Nashville, TN- US May 6, 2015

About the Strategy Session

''After my strategy session with Julie I’m very much looking forward to ongoing coaching. I was hoping this session would give me tools and strategies I can use to move from intellectually knowing what I could do, to *actually* doing it! And I wasn’t disappointed. Since this one session I have already felt more inclined to give myself permission to be more compassionate towards myself.

The best thing about this session was knowing that Julie understood my health situation experientially, not just intellectually; that she spoke with an appreciation of the impact ME/CFS and that her approach was calm, centred and friendly. I found Julie very easy to talk to. Not something that happens very often!''

Lisa U.K. April 26, 2015

About Coaching

When I signed up for coaching I was hoping for someone with true expertise in the area of living with ME/CFS, especially since there are so few practitioners and therapists that specialize in this disorder, you can really just feel so alone. I was hoping to find someone who can understand what I’m dealing with day to day and can offer valuable guidance and strategies about how to improve my life while living with CFS. I absolutely found this with Julie.

Now after coaching I have a new level of acceptance, peace and empowerment around living with this disorder. I don’t feel so alone, I have a much better understanding of the effects and how to better deal with them, whereas before I would feel so much at the mercy of the effects of CFS. Julie has given me the tools to better manage living with CFS.

The best part of coaching was being able to bring my current challenges to the table and getting very helpful and useful guidance that I could put into practice right away, it just has been a blessing and has helped in such a practical way. I felt heard and guided in a very natural way, I never felt Julie was ‘telling me what to do’, but rather exploring ideas of how to look at and best approach the various challenges of living with CFS.

If you’re considering coaching with Julie I’d say don’t hesitate, you will get so much out of it and Julie has such an inviting and warm demeanour, she makes you feel supported and comfortable right from the start.

Stahsha orange, CA, USA February 12, 2015

I am extremely impressed with the ME/CFS Self-Help Guru. I find this wise person to be a great source of valuable info, and sage advice. Keep it up SHG. Your inspiration and empowering information travels far.

Rich February 12, 2015

…your blog is inspirational in making others feel less isolated and crazy! Thanks again.

Malcolm February 12, 2015

I just want to say thank you so much for your blog, your posts are always so helpful!

Hayley February 12, 2015

Hi just discovered your blog and it’s really inspiring…

February 12, 2015

Just wanted to say how your latest post fits exactly my experience… Anyway, I often find your posts very useful and wanted to let you know that.

Alison February 12, 2015

I just recently discovered your blog and I’m reading them all from the beginning in 2012. I’m currently in April 2013 :-). I’m very happy that I discovered your blog, it helps me in taking good care of myself and your attitude about self-help takes away my resistance. I see there aren’t a lot of comments, so I just want to say there are probably a lot more silent, thankful readers like me, keep up the good work & wishing you lots of healing!

Helena February 12, 2015