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This 8-month coaching programme empowers you to create a life of peace and purpose, even when you have limited energy as a result of chronic illness.

Do you have a decent grasp of illness management but haven’t yet been able to create a life that you love?

If you want a life of peace and purpose without risking your well-being grab this chance! I didn’t even dream this was possible with a chronic illness at first, but 20 years on I’ve made it! But you don’t have to take so long, with my Life of Peace and Purpose Programme you’ll be able to learn from my mistakes. And you’ll get all the support you need from me, to follow the shortest route to creating a life that you love.

One thing I want to say first, though, is that a Life of Peace and Purpose is available to anyone, no matter what your circumstances are. Circumstances haven’t been particularly kind to me over the last 18 months. An administrative mistake in my self-employment registration meant I had to leave my idyllic life in Spain and move back to the UK. I also suffered a huge knock back in health after a nasty virus last spring. But despite all that, I’m still feeling as happy, peaceful and purposeful as ever. I’m proof that you can get there too, no matter what’s going on in your life right now. It’s just a matter of developing important skills. Is a life of happiness, peace and purpose regardless of circumstance something that you can imagine? If you can and it appeals to you, I can help you make it happen.

If you’d like a taste of this programme before you commit, check out this workshop recording where I share many tips for how to create a Life of Peace and Purpose. And remember, none of this is theory, it’s all what I’ve done personally to create a life that I love. And don’t worry, I couldn’t have done it if it involved effort and striving, because that would have made the illness worse. It had to be possible to achieve in a relaxed effortless manner or it wouldn’t have happened. A life of peace and purpose is possible for you too, even if it will look very different to what it looks like for me.

One of the most fundamental things I have learned is the importance of support and community. I didn’t do this all alone, I had regular support, both with mentors as well as various communities of like-minded learners. A couple of years ago, I started a new community where we supported, motivated and inspired each other to create lives that we love, or in my case, a life that I loved even more! It was my most rewarding work to date and now I want to revive and expand that community. I know that just by making a few small but consistent changes your life can change quite quickly!

What you’ll get out of the Life of Peace and Purpose Programme:

  • A sense of growth
    • A growing sense of peace
    • A growing sense of control
    • A growing sense of purpose
    • A growing sense of balance
    • A growing sense of well-being
    • The satisfaction of self-expression
    • A sense of connection
    • Improving relationships
    • The satisfaction of creating a life that you love

What it involves:

  • Monthly modules with well-paced bite sized video lessons (3 to 4 per month)
  • Downloadable workbooks and journals to guide your development
  • Two live online group coaching sessions a month*
  • One live online Question and Answer session a month*
  • Access to a private Facebook group where we can support, inspire and motivate each other
  • Guided meditations

*Recorded if you can’t make it live

Time commitment: Building up to 30 min/day of helpful practices and 10 mins/ day of learning

Live sessions take place on Wednesdays:

Pacific time: 8am
Mountain time: 9am
Eastern time: 11am
UK time: 4pm
CET: 5pm

Here’s a couple of messages from previous community members:

(this program) gave me the tools to examine my life at a deeper level, to explore what I would really need to do to live a life where I was at peace with myself and felt a sense of purpose in my day to day life….I am much better now at allowing things to happen at their own pace, not worrying as much, and being much kinder to myself. (and others!) I’m also much better at noticing my successes…….I have continued to use what I have learned and have found that I feel physically, emotionally and spiritually better. Julie is an excellent coach, encouraging and supportive….’ Dorian


I joined this program because I felt I didn’t have a purpose in life and wanted more peace…..I love the fact that I have so many purposes now ….. I am much kinder to myself and I think about what my needs are in a given situation. I have found my voice as it were……I am also more grateful for things in my life than before….. I learned that I was unique with special talents that I could share with the world.
This program is superb…..Julie gives you so many tools and tips and lots of practical coaching advice. If you are struggling to live a good life with a chronic illness, give it a whirl. What do you have to lose? You will gain a lot!’ Jane


Before this program I was depressed by the symptoms and by the fact that I couldn’t live a “normal” life. I really missed walking which was a big part of my pre-illness life. I found it hard to accept the fact that I was ill and life had to be lived differently. I now feel more acceptance and treat myself with more compassion. I am taking things at a slower pace. Not driving myself to the point of exhaustion. Putting my health first, although not all the time, at least, most of the time.

I am definitely much more at peace with living with the illness and I feel I have strategies to use to help me move forward towards better health. I see more positives in life and have a better sense of proportion about what is important. And I look after myself better.

The best parts of the program have been Julie’s understanding and ability to get me to realise that some of my thinking may not be helpful, along with “meeting” other people going through the same thing as me.  Julie has the patience to keep going over things until they finally sink in and a lovely positive attitude.

If you are considering doing this program, I would say do it! The course is good value for money and Julie invests a lot of time on each person. Judy