All it Takes is Intention and Extreme Permissiveness

This is a post I wrote especially for ProHealth’s Inspirational Corner for the New Year, however it’s really about an everyday approach to life. Since a viral setback in early December I’ve been taking a new approach to life, or rather I’ve been able to get back on track with a very successful old approach. Being so unwell for … Read more


Letting Go of the Need to Understand it All

Because none of the doctors I’ve ever seen have been able to give me a reasonable explanation for what I was going through, let alone any helpful advice or medication, like many others, I’ve taken it upon myself to find that understanding on my own. I’ve read many books and scientific articles and compared their … Read more


ME/CFS and Going with the Flow

I apologise for being late posting this week. I put a lot of energy into posting twice for May the 12th last week, and connecting with other bloggers on the social media. I think quite a few of us overdid things! Since then I’ve found my creative motivation has waned a little. I just haven’t … Read more


ME/CFS and Keeping Expectations Open and Positive

This week I’ve been lucky enough to have a good week. I went for a lovely 2 mile walk on my day off which is just about my limit at the moment. The weather was lovely, there were some really pretty views of the Shropshire countryside and altogether it was a very uplifting experience. Later … Read more


ME/CFS and the Fundamental Importance of Recognising and Respecting our Energy Limits

There is nothing new in this statement. There is even specific ME/CFS terminology for it: staying within our ‘energy envelope’! But the fact is that it’s extraordinarily difficult to achieve. However I believe that if we were only to focus on one illness management goal, this would have to be the one.  The more we can … Read more