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Refinding Presence

A few weeks ago, I lost my balance. I was doing extra work in the local shop to cover a colleague’s holiday, and I didn’t cut back enough on my business work. In order to keep on top of the all the work I felt I had to do, I let go of some of […]

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Announcing the launch of an innovative patient-centred portal – Natural Health Worldwide (Guest Blog Post by Craig Robinson)

I’m sharing this guest blog as I think this website is a wonderful idea and am very grateful for all who have been involved in bringing it to us, particularly the amazing Dr. Sarah MyHill. I am already registered as a practitioner: Natural Health Worldwide (NHW) is a new website that launched on 1 […]

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Timing for Optimum Energy

This is a post I wrote especially for ProHealth’s Inspirational Corner and first appeared there a month ago With illnesses like ME/CFS, Fibromyalgia and Lyme disease every little bit of energy we can make available counts. I was brought up with a strong value of not being wasteful, and I’ve found this value particularly helpful for […]

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