Aromatherapy for the emotional impact of ME/CFS

I first looked into aromatherapy during my first illness. Sceptical but clutching at straws I was amazed by how effective it was at providing some emotional relief when dealing with the difficult emotional impact of this illness. It also provided me with a sense of indulgence, an opportunity to treat myself, a sensual pleasure when many other pleasures were … Read more

A book review: Beating Chronic Fatigue, Your step by step guide to complete recovery. Dr Krisitina Downing-Orr, 2010 Piatkus

This book offers a programme for treating ME/ CFS which the author calls the fusion model. The author has chosen the term Chronic Fatigue (as is fashionable with psychologists) although she makes it clear she is also talking about ME and believes in the biological nature of the illness. There are two versions of this … Read more

Listening to Your Body

I have faith in the human body’s potential for self-healing. The body will always strive for balance and health and has the wisdom to produce it under most conditions. ME/CFS usually results from a combination of difficult conditions which upset the body’s balance in many complicated and compounding ways. For me the aim of self-help … Read more