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reclaiming self-esteem

FREE online workshop: Reclaiming Self-Esteem After Chronic Illness

Monday 14th August 4pm UK (11am EDT) Has chronic illness robbed you of your ability to do the things that used to make you feel good about yourself? Has your self-esteem taken a knock? In this workshop, I’ll be sharing strategies for rebuilding your self-esteem after chronic illness knocks it down. Register now: It may […]

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Live Q&A Session

Monday 24th July 4pm UK (5pm CEST, 11am EDT) Would you like to pick my brains as a coach, or ask me anything about self-help for energy limiting chronic illness? Here’s a chance to get support with whatever you might be struggling with at the moment and learn from others dealing with similar challenges. I will […]

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Coping with accompanying depression

FREE online workshop: Dealing with the Depression that Accompanies Chronic Illness

Monday 10th July 4pm UK (5pm CEST, 11am EDT) Depression is a common and very understandable response to living life with chronic illness, sometimes it’s even a physiological part of the illness. This workshop will help you understand the elements involved in the kind of depression that accompanies chronic illness and will teach you tools […]

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Spoonies Self-Healing Support Group (July 17)

Tuesdays 4pm UK (5pm CET; 11am EST) Do you believe that you can and will get better? Do you trust that with enough support your body will find a way to heal itself? Is meditation part of your self-help/healing strategy? We meet every Tuesday afternoon, online, to offer each other support and understanding in our attempts […]

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