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Giving my gut permission to heal

Giving My Gut Permission to Heal

Last week my attention was caught by a Daily Om Facebook post advertising a course ‘reinventing the body, resurrecting the soul’ based on Deepak Chopra’s book of the same name. I’m a big fan of Deepak Chopra and it occurred to me that perhaps I could take my healing to the next level through practising […]

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Refinding Presence

A few weeks ago, I lost my balance. I was doing extra work in the local shop to cover a colleague’s holiday, and I didn’t cut back enough on my business work. In order to keep on top of the all the work I felt I had to do, I let go of some of […]

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reclaiming self-esteem

FREE online workshop: Reclaiming Self-Esteem After Chronic Illness

Monday 14th August 4pm UK (11am EDT) Has chronic illness robbed you of your ability to do the things that used to make you feel good about yourself? Has your self-esteem taken a knock? In this workshop, I’ll be sharing strategies for rebuilding your self-esteem after chronic illness knocks it down. Register now: It may […]

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