ME/CFS and Setting Up the Day Well

I have quite a complex morning routine for setting up the day. It has various elements and takes a while but it has so many benefits that not doing it seems unthinkable. I usually wake up feeling quite unwell. I always feel dehydrated, I often have a headache and sometimes a sore throat, and my … Read more


ME/CFS and Life Skills

With my book just about finished (although sadly still without publisher) I’ve decided to invest my energy in a life coaching course. I hope to set up my own skype business so I’ll be able manage my work load and work from home. (Email me if you’d be interested in a bit of free life … Read more


The Multiple Facets of ME/CFS and What They Mean for Self-help

One of the reasons this illness seems so difficult to investigate and treat is the fact that it affects many different but interrelated systems in our body. Each individual is likely to have different extents of disturbances in the different systems. In some cases attempts to tackle one of the systems can impact negatively on … Read more