6 Changes that have Boosted my Baseline

In the last 6 months, my baseline of sustainable activity and my general sense of feeling well have gone up several notches. I still have bad days when I realise, yes, I still do have an energy limiting chronic illness, although I have fewer of them and they don’t knock me down as low as … Read more


ME/CFS and Movement/Exercise

For many people with ME/CFS exercise is seen as a dirty word. However I believe it is a very important part of illness management. Movement and exercise help maintain good circulation, making sure oxygen and essential nutrients get to all our cells, and toxins and waste products are removed. Our lymphatic system which is an … Read more


Yoga for ME/CFS

I’m a big fan of yoga and practise nearly every day. I find that a very gently routine of about 20 minutes in the late afternoon can boost my energy and get me through the rest of the day feeling OK, (the alternative being a tired, groggy evening in front of the TV). My morning … Read more